Jonathan Gotti « le savoir ne vaut que s'il est partagĂ© par tous. »

also known as malk0 or nathan

Who am I ?

I'm a 35 years old french guy, web developper since 2000, who like coding php and discovered that javascript could become a friend when used with jquery. Sometimes i also like to test my skills at coding one or two line of python with gtk (really sometimes).

I'm a pro open-source and so i do my best with the little time i have to share what i've done. As aforementioned i haven't got much time so this explain the quick and dirty homepage you are reading now. But as we said in french "Le cordonier est souvent le plus mal chaussé" meaning "The cobbler is often the worst shod".

What I'm doing/have done ?

You will find next some of my works some are really old, others are heavily in progress. All i hope is that some of you passing by will found something usefull for u.



There's many more things but as said in the title of that page this is my quick and dirty home page :)
You can contact me directly by the widget at the top right of the page titled "talking with malko" or directly by mail: <jgotti at jgotti dot org>

Zend Certified Engineer